2 thoughts on “Move/copy/backup/restore Mozilla Thunderbird contact groups (aka mailing lists/distribution lists)

  1. am using seamonkey, but have the same/similar problem. tried moving my
    old abook.mab address file to new computer, however, the seamonkey 2.02
    does not recognize the 1.0 .mab version, it seems.
    will try the above.

  2. Thanks for this investigation. Thunderbird is not one of the supported apps in my environment, but is commonly used. As a part of migrating several groups to a new domain, Thunderbird migration has become an issue. I am glad to see someone was able to find a solution to “lost” distribution lists. In my case, the customer only used 4 lists, so it was possible for her to re-create the lists. This should help in future migrations, however.

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