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Archive of the YouTube channel “11foot8” which contains several years worth of footage of trucks crashing into a notorious low train bridge in Durham, North Carolina, USA. The 11’8″ bridge was lifted to 12’4″, resulting in a lot less crashes, but the “can opener bridge” still claims the occasional victim.

The actual channel name is “yovo68” but the website and branding use 11foot8, so the archivist chose to use that name rather than the real one.

Complete Archive 2020-11-08 | 813 MiB in 161 filestorrent | magnet


Archive of the YouTube channel “13Cubed” which covers information security-related topics.

Complete Archive 2020-12-02 | 1.99 GiB in 69 files | torrent | magnet


Archive of the YouTube channel “3Blue1Brown” which focuses on exploration of mathematical topics in a more easily understood way. It is especially notable for its extremely well-done graphics which are generated by a Python program also written by the channel’s creator.

Complete Archive 2020-11-08 | 6.24 GiB in 113 files | torrent | magnet

A Dormant Dynasty

Archive of the YouTube channel “A Dormant Dynasty” which previously went under the name “The Asian Capitalists.” Conservative libertarian-leaning discussions about current and future sociopolitical happenings from the perspective of a duo of Asian gentlemen.

Complete Archive 2020-11-23 | 4.48 GiB in 115 files | torrent | magnet

Accursed Farms

Archive of the YouTube channel “Accursed Farms” by Ross Scott. Primarily about video games and gaming-related subjects, including game developer interviews and occasional rants.

Complete Archive 2020-10-21 | 14.4 GiB in 212 files | torrent | magnet

Body Language Ghost

Archive of the YouTube channel “Body Language Ghost” which examines the body language of various (usually recent, sometimes old) political interactions. Also known as “Bombard’s Body Language” and available on BitChute.

Complete Archive 2020-10-18 | 3.29 GiB in 169 files | torrentmagnet

Reddit “Robot” Videos (Final)

Compilation of the following Reddit text-to-speech (TTS) reading channels: Panda Entertainment, On Tap Studios, Updoot, Reddit Jar, AskReddify, Sir Reddit, Internet Is Fun, Updoot Everything, GERAM, Hot Threads.

These videos have nothing to do with actual robots; the “robot” refers to the text-to-speech thing that clearly doesn’t sound like a real person.

Final Archive 2020-10-18 | 120.90 GiB in 7,283 files | torrentmagnet

The Colored Conservatives

Archive of the YouTube channel “The Colored Conservatives” which is run by a pair of “colored” gentlemen with conservative leanings. The content has a lot of variety, but the most notable content for archival purposes is probably the candid “man on the street” style interviews, lacking the “gotcha” attitude that has come to be the norm in political videos that interview the public.

Complete Archive 2020-12-12 | 32.0 GiB in 397 files | torrent | magnet

The Right Opinion

Archive of the YouTube channel “The Right Opinion” which often covers the history and stories surrounding troubled internet personalities and properties. His tagline is “Welcome to The Right Opinion, the home of a twat with too much free time.”

Complete Archive 2020-10-21 | 14.7 GiB in 117 files | torrent | magnet

What I’ve Learned

Archive of the YouTube channel “What I’ve Learned” which mostly covers topics related to diet, health, and overall well-being. This content is particularly notable for discussing dietary and bodily mechanics in a way that does not conform to long-standing research dogma, opting for a logic-based approach.

Complete Archive 2020-10-21 | 3.39 GiB in 76 filestorrentmagnet

WinDirStat file size distribution

This is what the space distribution of the YouTube Archives folder looked like at one point. Different large rectangles are individual channels; different smaller rectangles are video files color-coded by file format. The big solid green rectangle collections are channels I’ve mostly or entirely converted to MP4 already (that just aren’t ready yet for some reason or another). It looks cool, right?!

WinDirStat graphical usage


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