April 2019 Photoshoot: Brittany Davis at Riverside Park

Brittany Davis is a talented and enthusiastic singer-songwriter from Siler City, North Carolina. I shot and edited her debut music video for “Tonight” under my media company, Gazing Cat Productions. One day, I decided that she could use some photos for when she decided to promote the video and I had an itchy shutter finger, so we went out and did a photoshoot at a local hidden gem called Riverside Park. The shoot was fantastic and we produced a sizable pile of great photos. Below is a hand-picked selection of my favorites. These are not edited in any way; I like to get my photos right when I press the button, not in Photoshop. Shot on a Canon EOS Rebel T6i with a variety of Canon lenses, excluding the last two which were shot on a Panasonic G7 with a Sainsonic KamLan 50mm f/1.1 lens.