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The Film Work of Jody Bruchon (2012-2017)

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The first full-length Jody Bruchon DVD! All of my video work (and play) from my experimentation in 2012 until the end of 2017 packed onto one DVD. Horror, comedy, crime, trailers, behind the scenes, and more. There’s sure to be something interesting for everyone!

See me wear a wig, talk to myself, or bring friends in and lock people in bank vaults. Take a peek behind the scenes to see how my short films were created. Watch my many experimental video clips and silly random acts. Be extremely confused as I squeeze what looks like soda out of fruit. Watch as I hurl curse words at other drivers who can’t hear me. Relax and enjoy my music videos and time lapses of the moon. Find out what my long-unpublished “Hostess Funeral” video is like.

Unrated; titles with mature language or themes are clearly marked. 80 minutes total run time.