Tritech Service System

NOTICE: TSS is intended for expert Linux users and is offered AS-IS WITH NO WARRANTIES. I do not provide support services for it.

The “Tritech Service System” (also called “TSS Linux”) is a Linux distribution I created to help with the work I do at Tritech Computer Solutions. I don’t update the public release of TSS very often but feel free to check back in once in a while. I offer two versions of TSS: a full-sized version with a working environment and an extremely minimal console-only version called MiniTSS.

The latest version of TSS is 2.0.3d (ISO, build .tar.gz/.zip, source .tar.gz) and the latest MiniTSS is 2.9.0 (ISO, build  .tar.xz)

I also offer a complete uClibc development environment for i386 and x86_64 that I built when I was trying to reduce the size of TSS. They have not been touched since 2014 but since uClibc can be difficult to bootstrap these development environments can be very useful.

The default login for all TSS versions is “root” with no password.