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Right to Repair: Why Freedom and Access Are So Important

The one huge important thing about repairing things yourself is the same huge important thing about maximally empowering individuals to...
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Copyright Troll & DMCA Abuser Serin Jameson Learns About Fair Use

Updated 2021-11-26 to change Serin's pronouns to be ambiguous (and thus more degrading) based on a comment whining about them....
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Don’t destroy used hard drives! Wipe them and reuse or sell them with confidence!

The advice to not use a hard drive from eBay is not the best advice. You should fully wipe the...
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I made youtube-dl faster for archivists…and solved a worst-case programming problem elegantly in the process

Update: there is an addendum at the end of this article; I mention it because yes, in the end, I...
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A CHALLENGER APPEARS: “fclones”…fastest duplicate scanner ever? It’s complicated.

While perusing my link referrals on GitHub, I noticed this thread where my duplicate scanner jdupes was mentioned. I then...
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jdupes 1.16.0: File Extension Filtering, And I Need Your Support

Please consider supporting me on SubscribeStar so I can continue to bring open source software and tutorial videos to you!...
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Manny the Martyr – Be That Way MP3 (public domain, CC0, royalty free music)

When the wonderful public domain music website finished its redesign, this song went missing on "Page 2" and it's...
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Shell script that converts Sage PRO exported text (.out files) to CSV text format

I have had this tool lying around since 2014. I wrote it once for a business that needed to convert...
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What WON’T speed up the jdupes duplicate file finder

Some of you are probably aware that I'm the person behind the jdupes duplicate file finder. It's amazing how far...
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Google Stadia was guaranteed to fail, according to basic freaking math

If you don't know what Google Stadia is, it's basically a networked gaming console. It renders everything on big servers...
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