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I was on IRC and some guy said this, and my face hit the desk...

Plus the test system was based on punishing the students who actually wanted to study.
It worked through a logical deduction of, "If people are willing to study in this situation then their parents obviously influence their life by pushing them to study."
Basically they would just try to intimidate the ones who tried harder into shutting up so they could spend all their time trying to make the lowest percentile pass tests.
I didn't really give a shit either way so I just slept in class.
The kids always said their parents just signed them up for those anyway
and the teachers didn't want to fail the kids cause it made the teachers look like they weren't doing their job to pass the students (and they didn't want to put up with them for another year.)
I had to put up with the biggest bullshit
I was stuck in classes with people who didn't know who Adolf Hitler was.

Also, pickles! ^_^

"The best way to see if someone actually supports equality is to give it to them."

Commodore 128 Programmer's Reference Guide, scanned pages regarding programming the C128 Memory Management Unit.

An MP3 of the C64 cover band "6581" playing Last Ninja 1 and 2, live at X 2010

FAKKU! manga grabber Linux bash script. A quick and dirty script that automatically pulls the series name and manga title, plus whether or not there's an English translation, and downloads the images to a folder named from the extracted information.

6502/65816 CPU variant detection code by Jody Bruchon. Detects the following 65xx family CPU variants and features:

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