Using Firefox? Get Adblock Plus NOW.

If you’re using the Mozilla Firefox browser (or one of its variants like Swiftfox, Iceweasel, etc.) you need to install the Adblock Plus plugin and subscribe to EasyList NOW.

If you’re still using Internet Explorer, Safari, or some other browser, you need to get Firefox.  Trust me, Firefox with Adblock Plus will make a huge difference in your browsing.  I haven’t seen an ad in years.  Firefox with Adblock Plus comes standard on all Tritech Computer Solutions new and used computer systems for a reason.

Additionally, you should get your hands on NoScript.  NoScript blocks JavaScript, which is largely responsible for unwanted popups, things that can block or bypass Adblock Plus, and many other annoying things you don’t want to see on websites.  Unfortunately, JavaScript is also responsible for most of the sites that you love being able to have pop-up menus and other user-friendly capabilities.  NoScript lets you “whitelist” the specific domain names you trust, while blocking those you don’t, which allows you to block ad scripts and things you’re not sure about while turning on just enough JavaScript capability to make sites such as Gmail work properly.

If you’ve got these installed but still want to maximize your Firefox browsing speed and keep your experience clean, FlashBlock is the way to go.  It’s very simple, really: FlashBlock replaces all Flash content with boxes containing a “Play” button instead.  The content won’t load and play until you click on the box, and it can be turned off for sites that you visit regularly as well.

All of these Firefox add-ons can make Internet browsing faster, ad-free, and much more enjoyable.  Plus, because fake security software “vendors” are able to easily purchase top ad placement on Google and other services, you’re also lowering the risk of accidentally clicking on one of these dangerous sites.  NoScript will also protect you from those confusing JavaScripts that try to force virus downloads upon you.

So, if you don’t have these things,GET THEM NOW.  End of story!

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