Scion Star Online Marketing: notorious spammers who won’t unsubscribe

Rather than writing many lengthy updates for each IP reported, I will maintain a list of IP ranges and who to report to at the bottom of this post.  Also, if you have a blog or site, please link back to this post with the text “Scion Star Online Marketing” so other victims can find it more easily.

I have some clients who recently have been getting huge piles of spam messages from “Scion Star Online Marketing” (which appears to be a fictitious company name.)  It seems that many others have posted complaints on various complaint websites about the same company.  They don’t comply with unsubscribe requests and they send about 25 messages per day.

According to one set of headers in one of the messages forwarded to me by a client, they are using as the server, IP address of, which is hosted at AccelerateBiz.  We are in the process of reporting them, but if you are also having trouble with Scion Star Online Marketing, you may find this useful.

You need to look up how to view message headers in your email client program, and view the headers for the spam message you suspect.  You’re looking for an IP address starting with “98.158.” and the “158.” must be followed by any number from 224 to 239.  If you see ANY IP address in the headers that is 98.158.XXX.YYY, where XXX is anywhere from 224 to 239, you need to contact AccelerateBiz at to report the spam.

It’s very important to check the IP address in the headers, because if your spam doesn’t have it, then reporting it to AccelerateBiz will waste their time and yours.

Getting spammed by Scion Star Online Marketing but your header IPs don’t match AccelerateBiz hosting? Feel free to submit headers as a comment if your IP doesn’t match, and I will edit out your private information before allowing it to post and reply to you with the contact(s) you should try to get the spam stopped.  Together we can teach these sneaky characters a lesson!

UPDATE: has at least five complaints about these people, one of which indicates an originating IP address of 69.43.248.???, which is hosted by PacketExchange.  PacketExchange owns the IP addresses from 69.43.XXX.YYY, where XXX is anywhere from 240 to 255.  Report these to instead of to AccelerateBiz.

List of IP address ranges and who to report to (xxx can be any number):

  • through
  • through
  • through

15 thoughts on “Scion Star Online Marketing: notorious spammers who won’t unsubscribe

  1. Thanks for putting some effort into stopping these guys. I’ll definitely check my headers when the next inevitable spam comes from them. Went almost a week with nothing and then BOOM, probably 100 in the last two days… so amazingly lame.

  2. Thanks Nctritech. How did you determine integratelecom was the hosting company? I googled the IP but didn’t find that info.

    1. It’s simple; you use WHOIS on the IP. If you have a UNIX-like system, you probably have WHOIS already: “whois” will pull information about who is responsible for that IP block.

  3. Thanks nct. I discovered that they are moving to a various hosts. The new batch of emails are from Vietnam. My hosting company, Hostgator gave up on stopping them and spam blocking apps blocked too many good emails.

    I tried moving to Google Apps with Postini and it was a horrible with no instructions or support to help in getting it connected.

    I got SpamSieve for my mac and it learned to block their emails quickly and I am deleting my affected email account.

  4. Reporting spam to Integra Telecom Abuse does nothing. I must have reported over 100 spam violations but I still get 30-80 spam messages through Integra daily.

  5. Want to report the same people Scion Star online marketing who have now employed marketing department PO Box 10118 #62855 Newark NJ 07101-3188 to send out 50 or 60 span e-mails twice a day.
    How can we stop them.

  6. Scion Star just keeps moving on,
    other Address info
    1. new domain DOB day old bread
    2. Seattle,USA
    3. Boston
    I just don’t know how to get rid of these spammers. One cannot put them in your “block sender list” as they keep changing IP addresses so frequently.
    I get so many of these there are days I can see my computer flying through the window.
    Lots of luck with this and thanks for the info.

  7. Can someone tell me where to report these IPs?

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