11 thoughts on “Analysis and raw contents of a real copyright infringement notice

  1. Hi, I got this same email and was wondering what to do about it. I’ve been looking around on the Internet and it seems like a lot of other people are in my position, but for the most part they don’t say what they did and what the result was.

    It seems like a few people have ignored these and not had any problem, but some others ended up getting a subpoena.

    There’s no way I have the time or money to take this to court, so should I pay the settlement or risk a subpoena?

  2. I would ilke to know what if anything ever happend when you did not pay up? I have this same problem and am freaking out here.

  3. Any follow-up to this? I can only assume the only good action to take when receiving one of these is either do nothing or consult with a lawyer. I received a bunch of notices recently and waiting for letters (like the example above).

  4. Half of you guys will get scared and pay up.
    Half of you guys will ignore it.

    In the end, they get enough money from those of you who pay up that they ignore those who don’t.

    The expense of sending an attorney to court over individual infringements like this is way more than the value of the infringed item.
    This should be small claims court stuff, not superior/municipal court stuff. In small claims court, you can defend yourself.

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