Synaptics ClickPad: by far the dumbest laptop touchpad ever invented

There isn’t much to say about these abominations, so I’ll keep it short. Many new laptops, most often from HP, are coming with multitouch trackpads known as “ClickPads.” Whoever designed them is a complete idiot, because the mouse buttons are directly underneath the bottom of the touch surface itself! There is no clean way to tap a button with your thumb with another finger on the touch surface. Other than very cautiously placing a single finger down on the desired button, there is no way to avoid moving the pointer while attempting to click. In fact, the only way to fix the misbehavior is to install the latest Synaptic drivers and, buried deep within the advanced options, reduce the functional area of the pad to not include the button section.


3 thoughts on “Synaptics ClickPad: by far the dumbest laptop touchpad ever invented

  1. Actually, even if you reduce the functional area, it still doesn’t work cleanly. You can still drag past the functional area, which means sometimes the left finger is interpreted as a continuation of the dragging finger and the cursor jumps. And even if you shut off multi-finger gesture, it still interprets some gestures as grab and drag. It’s awful

  2. No not a stupid design
    – quite the opposite in fact (if you are in the business of making money that is).
    Clickpad owners have been duped by software by lock-in(/out).
    The sad thing is the clickpad could be very good to use – but only if they can be configured and supported with guesture suite (which is selectively with-held).
    The poor performance experienced by most is due to deliberate feature-set crippling.
    The hardware itself is very basic but has extensive potential by comparision.
    The supply chain gets away with claiming mutli=touch to flog the low-end
    – while saving on manufacture costs of traditional trackpads with physical buttons
    At the same time they withhold the more advanced features of the guesture suite (to save on support costs for the uninitiated) and consequently downgrade the capacity of the device to provide consistant behaviour
    the gap in quality of standard hardware increases demand for the high-end devices

    – it is market segmentation through software-selection.

    Symantic / OEMs / ODMs you are very smart but you have driven me and countless others crazy with this for years.

    bad Karma = loss of future custom

  3. I bought a HP Pavillion 17 with a clickpad and this thing is absolute carbage wannabe piece of shit mac and its annoying to use, basically ruined the whole experiece of gaming. I suggest people who wants to buy a new laptop, avoid clickpads like the plague.

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