P2P file sharing considerations and vulnerability list

This post isn’t really intended for my readers, but I’m making it public so that anyone interested in the topic of P2P network security issues can learn more about them, or chime in with anything I have overlooked or missed. If you read my post where I announced my fourth-generation peer-to-peer file sharing project, you’ll understand the purpose of this post better. What follows is a link index of research material for me to look back upon while I work out the details of the project, as well as bullet-point design considerations that don’t need to find their way off my radar. This list will be perpetually incomplete. Comment with any additional links or considerations  you may have.

  1. Darknets and hidden servers: Identifying the true IP/network identity of I2P service hosts
  2. One cell is enough to break Tor’s anonymity
  3. Sybil attack
  4. End of the Road for Overpeer (how Overpeer introduced corruption into the FastTrack network)
  5. Kademlia article on Wikipedia
  6. Actions by copyright holders to curtail BitTorrent usage
  7. Peer-to-peer advantages and weaknesses
  8. Needs packet TTL to avoid loops, but having TTL opens up hop counting/distance prediction vulnerabilities.
  9. Nodes self-assigning unique identifiers can have benefits, but also opens possible  tracking/confirmation vulnerabilities.
  10. May need to come up with some method of confusing traffic confirmation attacks, but might be too expensive.

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