HP 15 Touchpad Cable Connector Repair (with Canon camcorder visual assist)

I accidentally pulled the flip-lock compression part of an HP laptop’s touchpad connector out during a repair. The pins that connect to the cable also act as springs to push down on the connector and give it that neat flip-lock action. Unfortunately, that also means that the pins are in the way of putting the connector back in place. We’re talking about replacing a part that is more narrow than a pinky fingernail! With my trusty Canon R60 camcorder (yes, the same camera my first short film was shot on) in macro zoom mode on a tripod connected to a HDMI computer monitor and a simple metal dental cleaning pick, I was able to put the connector back together the same way that a laparoscopic surgeon does: by staring at a monitor for imaging assistance. Video also available at Vidme.

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