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Google semi-censors “Chromebook Sucks” searches, uses “Chromebook review” as substitute

As you know, Google Chromebooks are out, and Google advertises their existence underneath the search box on the Google home page.  However, I tried typing out a search, without quotes, for “Chromebook sucks” and was greeted with nothing but search results were “review(s)” was substituted for the term “sucks.”

Go to Google and try it yourself.  I’ll still be here when you get back.

To get actual results for “Chromebook sucks” you must enclose the words in double quotes instead.  I’m willing to give Google somewhat of the benefit of the doubt here, because usually someone who types “sucks” after something is looking for reviews about that something, and primarily negative ones, so the substitution may make sense in that regard; however, the fact that it happens when you’re trying to find negative information about a Google product presents a conflict of interest, in my opinion, and I think that they shouldn’t “help steer you in the right direction” when it’s something that they are selling and you happen to be using the search engine they also control to see what the downsides of the pitched product may be.

If you work for Google and know the reason this works the way it does, feel free to comment!