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Web Environment Integrity Must Be Stopped title card

Web Environment Integrity Must Be Stopped: Enslavement By “Remote Attestation”

“Web Environment Integrity” is a specification being worked on by Google employees and prototyped into Chromium, the open-source core of Google Chrome on which most modern browsers are based (Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, and many others). The short version of how it works is that your browser gets a permission slip from a big tech company like Google, Microsoft, or Cloudflare that certifies whether or not you’re “trustworthy” which websites can use to gatekeep access. It is supposed to help with spam, bots, and fake ad clicks, but the goals laid out by the project are in direct conflict and not possible to achieve as a result. One such goal is “for the web to be usable without this framework” but the entire point of the framework is to lock down the web, so which half will be the one that Google chooses to not achieve?

Let there be no doubt: if Google manages to get this “remote attestation” framework in use on most websites, they’ll have the power to unilaterally lock people out of most of the internet, and website owners will have no way to know that their users were locked out by the “trusted third party” that maliciously “attested” to the user actually being a spam bot to trick them into locking the user out.

Fortunately, the internet has decided to call them out on their nonsense, and in typical central authoritarian fashion, they’ve locked the thread so no one can keep burning them publicly on their own absurd proposal.

[SOLVED] Netflix DRM errors with HTTPS Everywhere or NoScript installed

If you are using Firefox and certain security, HTTPS, or script blocking¬† extensions, you might not be able to use Netflix and get a “Digital Rights Management (DRM) error” such as N8156-6003, N8156-6013, N8156-6023. Many websites say that the solution to the problem is to delete the file “mspr.hds” located at %ProgramData%\Microsoft\PlayReady, but this does not always work because this isn’t always the underlying problem.

The problem is caused by scripts from microsoft.com required to use Silverlight DRM not loading properly. The fix is simple and does NOT require disabling NoScript or HTTPS Everywhere nor does it require restarting Firefox in Safe Mode just to watch Netflix. Make sure that you’re already allowing scripts to run from “netflix.com” and “nflxext.com” as these are also required for Netflix.

For NoScript, visit microsoft.com, open the NoScript menu, and choose “allow microsoft.com” from the list.

For HTTPS Everywhere, open the Add-ons Manager (usually under the Firefox menu, or under Tools -> Add-ons) and beside HTTPS Everywhere, click “options.” Type “microsoft” in the Search box. Look for “Microsoft (partial)” in the list and click the green check beside it to change it to a red “X” instead.

If you are running other script blocking software or extensions, you should be able to find a way to both unblock scripts from as well as don’t force HTTPS on the domains netflix.com, nflxext.com, and microsoft.com.