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I hate Java. I hate Java. I hate Java.

I’ll readily admit, my programming experience is mostly limited to 6502/65816 assembler, some C, and a lot of PHP/MySQL, but I already know that I hate Java.  Why?  It’s simple, really: it doesn’t make any sense at all, and it’s extremely unhelpful when something goes wrong.

This rant stems from working on a Java IRC bot that was torn up and rebuilt by someone for a custom purpose.  I was hosting the bot until it simply stopped working.  It choked up and wouldn’t start after a certain revision, despite working on the guy’s Windows box.  I snagged a newer JRE, and instead of the horrid 12-line error when trying to start it, I get nothing but “IO exception occured.”  Thanks for the informative message, really.  I’m so glad to know that an “IO” (don’t you mean I/O?) exception occurred.  Previously, when I tried to manipulate the code myself, I couldn’t even change it to do the most basic things.  Why not?  Because Java doesn’t make sense at all, especially to someone used to working with C and PHP (you know, real programming languages).  A lot of Java-heads will moan about my opinion or offer up lame excuses for Java, but the truth is that it’s a garbage language that doesn’t make any sense, and from what I’ve read its “standards” change as the Sun JRE releases incrementally move up.  I won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.