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2017 in Review and Where 2018 is Going

2017 was pretty cool. 2018 is going to be really sweet. I have so many great short films and projects planned and I’m looking forward to seeing them through. Oh, if you want the latest version of that camcorder I held up around 2:50, here you go: http://amzn.to/2EteYYP

Some of the wonderful things I have planned for 2018 include gear reviews, short films (watch out for The Old Man’s Pendant III in particular), and reviews of terrible things I found on VHS tapes. I also plan to continue being super bad at playing the recorder in the classic 8th grade tradition. I haven’t decided on whether or not I’m keeping the hair I’ve grown; it looks funny to me, but it’s cold outside and every bit of insulation seems to help for now. Yes, I am an intellectual rockstar, but only in my own mind.

I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel and watch the great new stuff I’m going to put out in 2018! Have a wonderful new year!

Slow computer or slow internet? Also, comedy: “STOPTIONAL”

I recently visited a business that I’ve helped with computer problems for nearly 10 years. They claimed to need faster computers because their accountants were trying to send QuickBooks data files to themselves through remote desktop tools and the speed was pretty terrible. When I got there and talked to them for a bit, I realized they were probably on a 10-year-old DSL internet package, so I ran a speed test.

1.5 Mbps down, 0.5 Mbps (512 Kbps) up. That’s nowhere near fast enough to upload QuickBooks data files fast enough! I told them to call CenturyLink and see about upgrading their package, possibly saving them thousands of dollars in computer upgrades and replacements.

Also at the start of this video is a fake Monster energy drink “sponsorship” skit. Don’t worry about the loud crash; the Monster can survived intact. 😉