2017 in Review and Where 2018 is Going

2017 was pretty cool. 2018 is going to be really sweet. I have so many great short films and projects planned and I’m looking forward to seeing them through. Oh, if you want the latest version of that camcorder I held up around 2:50, here you go: http://amzn.to/2EteYYP

Some of the wonderful things I have planned for 2018 include gear reviews, short films (watch out for The Old Man’s Pendant III in particular), and reviews of terrible things I found on VHS tapes. I also plan to continue being super bad at playing the recorder in the classic 8th grade tradition. I haven’t decided on whether or not I’m keeping the hair I’ve grown; it looks funny to me, but it’s cold outside and every bit of insulation seems to help for now. Yes, I am an intellectual rockstar, but only in my own mind.

I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel and watch the great new stuff I’m going to put out in 2018! Have a wonderful new year!

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